November 2009

Next: Ink-jet fuel systems

DSCN4755What do ink-jet printers, chainsaws and jet engines have in common? More than you would think, if Chris Harris has his way.

Oregon economic indicators as of August 2009

Figures and indicators for four vital pieces of the Oregon economy: Employment/business listings, Transportation, Real Estate/Construction Permits and Farming/Natural Resources/Energy

Powerlist: Health plans

Ranked by number of plan members

Business filings remain sluggish

New Oregon corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs) declined 11% and 6% respectively in the first eight months of 2009 compared to 2008.

Deal Watch: Big NOAA contract boosts Vigor Marine

VigorMarine_DryDockAN AVERAGE SHIP repair job for Vigor Marine runs from four to six weeks. It's a fairly standard timeline, but one that also makes it pretty difficult for workers in such a wavy industry to ever enjoy a real sense of job security.

Trouble in Timber Town: Decades after an industry downfall, towns still grapple with what's next

obm 091709 -303Oregon's historically timber-dependent communities struggle to diversify with increasing desperation. What's ahead for these once-prosperous towns? It's a question far from answered.

Down by the old mill

0T5P8680Bob Russell finds his dream in making Butte Creek Mill a thriving business for Eagle Point.