October 2009

Smallest community college expands

2009-09-10-019-cmykBig changes are in the works for Oregon’s smallest community college.

The hot zine scene

IMG_6142Zines are dirt cheap to buy and make, which is why the wheels of the zine mini-industry in Portland continue to turn despite the bad economy.

The quality of mercy

Keny-Guyer2-cmykThe ability to mobilize and demobilize efficiently is one of the arts of international aid, and Mercy Corps’ disaster training seems to have translated to its business strategy.

A different nonprofit strategy

These days, it's good to remember that there are actual entities out there that fail to make a profit, but do so on purpose. I am referring of course to the plethora of nonprofit organizations that dot our great state.

The nonprofit project

We realized nonprofits see themselves as very different from other businesses, but we also believed they had one thing very much in common: caring about their employees. So we decided to develop a groundbreaking workplace best-practices project — a 100 Best project — just for them.