October 2009

Turbulence for PDX flights

There were more changes to PDX nonstop service routes than usual in the last 18 months. Decreased passenger volume is one reason, but it’s not the only consideration when airlines decide which cities are in or out.

The day the music died in Cave Junction

Tiny Cave Junction, a struggling timber town in Josephine County with 1,730 residents, is drawing the ire of two of the nation’s largest music licensing companies.

Bad health is good for specialty shoe stores

One specialty shoemaker is seeing a bump in business as Oregon’s diabetes rate spikes.

Canvassers: annoying, but apparently effective

IMG_6022Canvassers hustling for charitable donations in Portland say they had a tougher sell this summer, but you won’t see it in the numbers.

Smallest community college expands

2009-09-10-019-cmykBig changes are in the works for Oregon’s smallest community college.

The hot zine scene

IMG_6142Zines are dirt cheap to buy and make, which is why the wheels of the zine mini-industry in Portland continue to turn despite the bad economy.