September 2009

Uncle Sam buys Timberline a facelift

Timberline_1Major repairs at the Timberline Lodge were deferred for years because they were too expensive for its operator, RLK and Company. But $4.25 million in federal stimulus funding approved last month will cover repairs, new paint and more, including alterations to make the lodge compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Watch your back, Woods Hole

woodsholeNewport’s research community leapt forward last month when the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration signed a lease with the Port of Newport for a new facility, paid for by $19.5 million in lottery-backed bonds and $24.8 million in revenue bonds issued by the port.

New state hemp law spurs high hopes

HempIn August, Oregon became the seventh state to legalize the growing and processing of hemp.


Old tech is new again

Old TechVintage technologies such as manual cameras and vinyl records have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity among 20-somethings and teenagers who grew up inundated by digital technology, and it’s helped several Portland stores that cater to these niche markets survive.

Tribes explore wind power

Tribes_WindOne day wind turbines might add a futuristic element to the Umatilla Reservation.


A temporary setback in jobs

The unemployed aren’t the only ones scrambling for work these days; staffing agencies are also feeling the pain of high unemployment.