August 2009

Power players

PowerPlayers_2The chiefs of BPA, Northwest Natural, PGE and Pacific Power can't see the energy future, but they know one thing: Change is coming and it won't be simple.

Oregon's Public Companies: Staying Alive


Already dwindling in recent years after countless acquisitions, relocations, conversions to private ownership and a dearth of IPOs, Oregon’s public companies haven’t been immune to the economy at large.

The raw and the cooked

Coffee_13The beans that fuel Portland’s high-octane coffee scene connect Oregon with the globe. Is this growing industry a cup half empty or half full?


Kickin' apps

APPS_5Hordes of ambitious software developers are making Portland the place for killer app development.

The arts ticket take

Some of the state’s largest performing arts organizations experienced an increase in ticket sales during the 2008-2009 season, even as contributions from individuals, foundations and businesses often dropped.

Truck stop business sputters

At least 16 trucks hauling Lexus cars from Toyota Logistics used to pull into the Baker Truck Corral each week, heading for Denver, Colo. That’s a drastic difference from the few that now arrive at the Baker City truck stop. And it’s the same story at other truck stops around the state: Traffic is down, so business is, too.