August 2009

Troubled commercial markets bring lower rents

If you’re considering negotiating your lease for a more affordable rent, the time is now.

Bumper crops don't yield higher profits

As farmers scramble to pick, process and sell their fruit, many of them aren’t seeing higher profits.

Coast tourists pass on high-priced art

Higher-priced items are generally not selling as well as in the past, while lower-priced pieces continue to sell — and in the world of art, prices cannot simply be slashed.

Timber cash stuck in the muck

Over $123 million worth of Oregon-based stimulus projects had been approved by the U.S. Forest Service as of July, but the money has been slow to flow.

Cheap hydro dries up

The days of the Googles and Amazons of the world rushing to The Dalles and Boardman to cash in on cheap federal hydropower for secretive new server farms are officially over.

Rodeos hang tough

ATS_RodeoOregon’s rodeos are maintaining their balance despite hefty jostling by the state’s rough riding economy.

Gathering wool

Tactics_Pendleton_1Set against the dry blue sky and bleached hills on the outskirts of town, the 100-year-old Pendleton Woolen Mills is an icon to the town and a brand that is the essence of Americana. But to its president, it’s also something more visceral.