July 2009

Next: The micro payment

nextPeople were buzzing about Portland-based Contenture’s “anti-ad network” even before the company explained what it was.

Farm prices return to earth

After rapid growth driven by pricier grains and other crops during last year's speculation on ethanol, Oregon's farm prices have settled back down to 2007 levels.


Deal Watch: Allegro Music plays for keeps

cdsIf you think digital downloads have killed the audio CD, you haven't talked to Rico Micallef, president and chief operating officer of Allegro Music Group.


Oregon's Top Private 150 Companies

The results from our annual Private 150 ranking are understandably bleak, given that the economy has been in recession for nearly 20 months. Revenues and jobs for Oregon's privately held powerhouses fell steeply, with Big Timber continuing to take a beating, along with heavy manufacturing and auto dealerships. There were exceptions to the general downward trend, but the gains of the few were modest in comparison to the losses of the many.

Gaining ground

OBMWellpartner-135Most of Oregon's private companies struggled in 2008, but a handful of well-positioned upstarts achieved impressive growth.