May 2009

Powerlist: Commercial real estate

Ranked by number of licensed agents

Deal Watch: Oregon's slice of the stimulus pie


Though few people have been out making new investments lately, there is one — though he’s more entity than person, really — who has: Uncle Sam.


A tale of two subsidies

0509CoverIt was the best of deals, it was the worst of deals. Why Genentech worked and Cascade Grain failed.


Gorilla Capital pulls in revenues as the foreclosures pile up


Gorilla Capital is changing how homes are bought and sold and shaking up the real estate status quo.

A region uncorked

WineFeature2Driven by demand and nurtured in the diverse terrain, Southern Oregon’s wine industry begins to come of age.


To your health

HealthFeature1From stronger teeth to sharper eyes to a rewired brain, Oregon innovators are finding ways to keep us living longer and better.