May 2009

Gilliam County jobs up in the dumps


When the unemployment figures came out in March, 35 Oregon counties were stricken by double-digit rates. But in rural Gilliam County, where the population is just 1,868, unemployment was the fifth lowest in the state: 9.8%

The PDX-BK connection

ATSBrooklynPortlandFor Lexy Funk, opening the only West Coast chapter of her clothing company, Brooklyn Industries, in Portland was a no-brainer.


The bootmaker's daughter

Tactics1Her strides are long and purposeful. This tall, slim descendant of bootmakers grew up in the family business and has worked in it for most of her 57 years.


Here to help small businesses


There's no shortage of economic woe right now, and maybe you’ve been caught in it.


Food for thought

robin-BLOGThere are some small business owners who think the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act isn’t doing much for them.