April 2009

Hedging bets on nursery growth

Alice Doyle has been in the nursery business long enough to pick up on a powerful trend in plants.


Portland list-o-phrenia

Magazines, websites and public interest groups just love to grind their gears pitting Portland and other cities against one another based on vast swaths of sometimes-relevant, often-trivial criteria, like overgrown data-driven dogfights.


Hoping for a playoff payoff

BrandonRoyIf the Portland Trailblazers manage to make the playoffs this season the economic impact of the games may be reason to cheer even if you aren’t a fan.


Growers predict abundant labor

When the time comes this June to pick his strawberries, Mike Christensen is not quite sure who will be in the fields.


Focus turns to green building efficiencies

Oregon's residential and commercial construction markets may be stalled by the paralyzing credit crisis, but state lawmakers and industry professionals see potential in the state's green building sector to add jobs to the shrinking economy.