April 2009

Working in Oregon through history

OverallGirlsIt wasn’t that long ago in Oregon when hard-rock mining with a pick axe was a common line of work, when crews of immigrants competed for work laying railroad tracks, when farmers harvested wheat by hand and loaded it into horse-drawn carts.


Hedging bets on nursery growth

Alice Doyle has been in the nursery business long enough to pick up on a powerful trend in plants.


Portland list-o-phrenia

Magazines, websites and public interest groups just love to grind their gears pitting Portland and other cities against one another based on vast swaths of sometimes-relevant, often-trivial criteria, like overgrown data-driven dogfights.


Hoping for a playoff payoff

BrandonRoyIf the Portland Trailblazers manage to make the playoffs this season the economic impact of the games may be reason to cheer even if you aren’t a fan.


Growers predict abundant labor

When the time comes this June to pick his strawberries, Mike Christensen is not quite sure who will be in the fields.