April 2009

Airport traffic loses altitude

After five years of steady climbing, most of Oregon’s airports experienced a drop in passenger traffic in 2008.


Next: a better hearing test

0409NextEyes have been called the window to the soul and gateway to the heart, but a pathway to the ear?


OSU develops filberts resistant to blight

hazelnuttreesThe Oregon hazelnut industry, which not that long ago appeared doomed at the hands of a deadly fungus, has turned the corner thanks to two disease-resistant varieties recently released by Oregon State University.


Laika's next level

coralineTravis Knight solidified his reputation as an animator with his work on Coraline, the debut box office hit from Portland animation studio Laika Inc., owned by his father, Nike founder Phil Knight.


High prices, bad economy create gold rush for pawnshops

Near record-high gold prices are drawing growing numbers of cash-strapped Oregonians to the state’s pawn shops with items ranging from the sentimental — pocket watches — to the odd — gold nuggets and dental crowns.