April 2009

Boom times for bang bang

t_GunBullets are flying in Bend, or at least they are flying through the production process at ammunition manufacturer Nosler, one of the few employers in Central Oregon to be adding jobs rather than subtracting them.


Finding the right social engagement

Connecting with a community of your customers through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter may help you increase your online presence, but are you ready to become an active participant?


Baker proposes $17 million multi-university center

A proposal to create a multi-university center in Baker City with a price tag of $17 million is under review by the governor’s office for possible consideration in the 2011 legislative session.


Going green

AlainGracianetteOregon’s business schools are tailoring their MBA programs to address sustainability issues and appeal to student and business needs.


Forecast: foggy with slippery conditions

CloudWhy were the state’s economic forecasts so seriously off the mark? Is there a more sure-footed way to predict the state’s fortunes?


It’s a small world

CamiOetmanWhen the going gets tough, microenterprises get going. The down economy is proving a great time for entrepreneurs to take business into their own hands

Post a job, prepare for the flood

If you're one of the few companies growing enough to be posting a job opening during these troubled times, count yourself lucky. Then start counting the resumes filling your inbox.