VIP: Conversation with Dr. Charles Hofman, Baker City mayor

VIP: Conversation with Dr. Charles Hofman, Baker City mayor


Outgoing three-term mayor of Baker City
Past president of the Oregon Medical Association

"I grew up in La Grande and was headed to L.A. after school when my wife said, 'You just put that L.A. stuff aside because we’re going to Baker City.' The best thing about living here is the lifestyle — it’s a great place to raise kids and to recreate. Everyone thinks about moving, but I’ve never given it serious thought, and I doubt that I ever will. It’s a gorgeous place to live with relatively cheap houses, so growth is inevitable. I hear hoof beats. I’ve seen and heard more interest in this community than at any time in the 25 years I’ve lived here. I just want to make sure the growth happens in a manner that’s in concert with the community — I don’t want to see strip malls off the freeway. We’re getting inquiries on a daily basis from businesses looking to relocate, and we’re winning some of those. We have a California firm that I bet my eyeteeth will be moving here soon. Do I mind they’re from California? If you come to Baker City and bring some jobs and you’re community minded, I tip my hat to you."



Photo by Bryan Bloebaum

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