2007 100 Best Companies to Work For list

2007 100 Best Companies to Work For list


The 100 Best rankings

A record 31,000 employees and 342 organizations participated in this year’s 100 Best survey. It was also a hotter competition this year, with 111 large and  231 small companies participating. The rankings were determined through confidential employee surveys and a benefits report completed by a company representative. Oregon Business research editor Brandon Sawyer and research partner Davis Hibbitts & Midghall used the survey results to calculate the rankings.       — The editors


The top 50 large companies to work for in Oregon

The top 50 small companies to work for in Oregon


Alphabetical index

Category winners (Top 10s)



No. 1 large: U.S. Cellular leads the pack — again...

No. 1 small: River City Travel, freedom isn't just a concept...

No. 6 large: Evanta gives employees "everything"...

No. 2 small: Columbia Printing nurtures a growing family...

No. 7 large: Walsh builds success on shared values...

No. 10 small: Quango, a place for hard work — ­­and naps...

100 Best survey statistics:

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