Deal Watch: MyStrands raises $25 million

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Archives - August 2007
Wednesday, August 01, 2007

MyStrands.jpgMyStrands, my tastes, their ads

Oregon’s snazziest young high-tech company is Corvallis-based MyStrands and the 50-employee operation has a cool $25 million to prove it. Never heard of them? You’re probably not in their target market — at least not yet.

There’s a theory out there in the technosphere that personalization is the new search, the new killer Web ap. That means MyStrands has a shot at becoming the next Google. Long shot? Maybe.

But MyStrands’ sizzle is a complicated algorithm that detects patterns in the things you like (right now their technology is applied mostly to music) and makes recommendations of other things you might like. It taps the wisdom of the masses by also analyzing the listening patterns of the friends in your social network. And it’s mobile. A new service, PartyStrands, allows you to send a text message to a club’s DJ requesting a favorite song.

And the sizzle will find other applications. “We think the technology can help companies provide personalized advertising,” says MyStrands spokesman Gabriel Aldamiz-echevarria. That is, ads that know your preferences, your friends’ preferences and where you are located.

The $25 million MyStrands investment came from a trio of investors in Spain, where a third of the employees reside. Company founder Fransciso Martin, an artificial intelligence entrepreneur from Barcelona, came to Oregon State University for a post-doc and developed the MyStrands idea in Corvallis, where company headquarters will remain.

Aldamiz-echevarria says the MyStrands deal did not capture the attention of any Oregon investors. We hope there are no regrets.

—  Christina Williams

7-Jun Q2 ‘07 Murphy Co. (Eugene) veneer operation (WA) / Weyerhaeuser Co. ND
11-Jun Q2 ‘07 Mentor Graphics Corporation (Wilsonville) Sierra Design Automation (CA) $90m (cash+ stock)
13-Jun Q3 ‘07 Kellwood Company (MO) Hanna Andersson (Portland) / Castanea Partners; Dorset Capital; mgmt team $175m
13-Jun Q2 ‘07 PremierWest Bancorp (Medford) Consumer Finance Division business (Eugene) / Pacific Continental Bank ND
15-Jun Q2 ‘07 (CA) SnapNames (Portland) ND
15-Jun ND WebTrends (Portland) Webcontrol (Sweden) ND
15-Jun Q2 ‘07 BASIS International Ltd. (NM) AddOnSoftware (Beaverton) / MicroAccounting Sytsems ND
18-Jun Q3 ‘07 Restaurants Unlimited Inc. (WA) Pacific Coast Restaurants (Portland) ND
18-Jun Q3 ‘07 Precision Castparts Corp. (Portland) Caledonian Alloys Group Ltd. (Scotland) ND
19-Jun Q2 ‘07 Cardno Limited (Australia) WRG Design (Portland) ND (stock+cash)
20-Jun Q2 ‘07 Wacom Co. Ltd. (Vancouver, WA) Touchscreen Konnection Oasis (TX) ND
20-Jun Q2 ‘07 Toby’s Family Foods (Springfield) Genesis Juice (Eugene) ND
21-Jun Q2 ‘07 TRM Multitech Services (Canada) photocopier business (Canada) / TRM (Portland) $398,645
25-Jun Q2 ‘07 infoUSA (NE) (Portland) ND
25-Jun Q2 ‘07 LTC Global Solutions (Medford) Gelbwaks Insurance Services (FL) ND
26-Jun Q2 ‘07 Delphon Industries (CA) UltraTape Industries (Salem) ND
27-Jun Q2 ‘07 Aequitas Catalyst Fund (Portland)/Aequitas Capital Management Paramount Graphics (Beaverton) $10.8m

5-Jun Axial Vector Engine (Portland) / Raymond Brouzes, CEO private lender $250,000 (secured credit line)
6-Jun Daverci Solutions Inc. (Hillsboro) / Marc Cameron, CEO ND $3m (series A3)
12-Jun MathStar, Inc. (Hillsboro) / Doug Pihl, CEO public offering $32.4m (equity)
14-Jun Corrigo, Inc., (Wilsonville) / Rick Michaux, CEO Sierra Ventures $10m (series 5)
14-Jun Oregon State University (Corvallis) / Edward Ray, President Hallie Ford, co-founder, Ford Fnd. $8m (donation)
18-Jun MyStrands (Corvallis) / Francisco Martin, CEO Antonio Asensio, CEO, Grupo Zeta $25m (series B)
25-Jun Or. Investment Fund (Portland) / Michael Arpey, mang. director Or. Public Employees Retirement Fund $50m
25-Jun Tektronix, Inc. (Beaverton) / Rick Wills, CEO private institutional investors $354m (sr. convertible notes)
26-Jun Virtugo Software (Beaverton) Foundation Cap.; OVP Venture Partners $4m
27-Jun YMCA of Columbia-Willamette (Portland) / Bob Hall, CEO Watumull Properties.; Winkler Dev. $9m (sale-leaseback)

1-Jun Phillips Edison & Company (MD) Sandy Marketplace (Sandy) - ND
4-Jun Oregon Liquor Control Commission Wilhelm Warehouse (Milwaukie) - $6.2m
4-Jun Cascade Industrial LLC (MN) industrial land (14.23 acres) (Gresham) Sandy Boulevard Dev. $2.9m
4-Jun Vander Houwen Properties LLC industrial space (Portland) Beall Macadam LLC $2.07m
5-Jun Solena Cellars; John Niemeyer Hyland Vineyard (100 acres) (McMinnville) - ND
13-Jun Felton Properties (Portland) office building (Beaverton) McGill Commercial LLC $10.3m
18-Jun Arden Realty (CA) 6 buildings (Portland) Blackstone Group LP ND
18-Jun Bean Investment Real Estate (Portland) Sunrise Meadows apartments (NV) - $103m
18-Jun Cherry Creek Prop. LLC (Lake Oswego) gas station (Albany) Camden Holdings LLC (CA) $1.48m
20-Jun Corbett Summit LLC 2 office properties (Portland) Michael and Mary Murphy (CA) $2.47m

List researched by Mark Druskoff

ND=Not disclosed

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