September 2008

Buzzing with the latest jargon

For University of Oregon professor and Economist’s View blog founder Mark Thoma the term “stagflation” is old news.


Nurses remain recession-proof


While many employees throughout Oregon are losing their jobs or worried about keeping employed, nurses are proving to be immune to the sick economy.


State OK’s world’s largest wind farm


State energy officials have approved a plan that would make Gilliam and Morrow counties in northeastern Oregon home to the world’s largest wind farm.


Rail fight gets hotter

The battle over the Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad is turning into a full-bore train wreck as the conflict jumps from Oregon to Washington, D.C, and back.


Study: China trade wallops Oregon Jobs

ChinaTradeChartAccording to a recent study by a Washington D.C.-based think tank, job loss due to trade with China has hit Oregon harder than nearly any other state in the nation.