September 2008

The return of king ag


Spiking prices and insatiable demand produce a record-breaking season for Oregon’s farmers.


New housing starts stall out


U.S. housing starts have been in decline since 2005, but Oregon starts fared worse than the U.S. overall during the first six months of 2008.


Lions, tigers, bear markets

s_RobinIt’s been a difficult spring and summer: The economy cyclone flattened the house; the yellow brick road expansion has run out of funds.


Q&A with the candidates for state treasurer

TreasurerRaceWhat would these men do if they got their hands on the state’s billions?


Costs and delays imperil Portland’s South Waterfront

SouthwaterfrontAs development in Portland’s South Waterfront sags under the weight of the economy, the final design of the project grows increasingly uncertain.


Season fuels fire business


It was tragic but not surprising that the nine people who died in a helicopter crash in Northern California Aug. 5 were working for a company based in Oregon.


Walker attacks ethanol law


Just weeks before Eastern Oregon gas stations will be required to sell fuel blended with ethanol, one lawmaker is already reconsidering the state’s year-old renewable fuel mandate.