October 2008

Funds for toxic cleanup uncertain

BrownfieldThis summer a national group proclaimed a victory of sorts in Portland’s perpetual struggle to clean up contaminated industrial land along the Willamette River.


Urban-rural wage gap is steady

CoinsThe often-cited widening gap between urban and rural wages actually has remained unchanged over the past decade, while both urban and rural wages are slipping compared to their counterparts nationwide.


Oregon banks continue slide


In the March issue of Oregon Business we quoted the Beatles in regard to the recent fortunes of Oregon-headquartered banks: “It’s getting better all the time (can’t get much worse).”


Outlets upswing

OutletsDespite their far-flung locations, outlet malls are thriving in a down retail market.


The comeback

JimFaraudoHow Flir came back from the brink of bankruptcy to become a $4.3 billion company that has left its competition in the dust.


Tactics: The operative

LisaGroveIt was in Washington, D.C., in the mid-1980s where Lisa Grove — today a political strategist and pollster but back then a fresh, idealistic Lewis & Clark graduate — learned a key commandment of the political game, and one that would later shape the success of her Portland-based political consulting firm.