October 2008

The comeback

JimFaraudoHow Flir came back from the brink of bankruptcy to become a $4.3 billion company that has left its competition in the dust.


Tactics: The operative

LisaGroveIt was in Washington, D.C., in the mid-1980s where Lisa Grove — today a political strategist and pollster but back then a fresh, idealistic Lewis & Clark graduate — learned a key commandment of the political game, and one that would later shape the success of her Portland-based political consulting firm.


Should executives share the pain of pay cuts?

If corporate ethicist David Layzell had his way, all public companies would institute performance-based executive pay programs like Monaco Coach recently did.


Don’t cut marketing when things get slow

It’s fiscally tempting to scale back the marketing budget of your business in lean times, even though doing so may only cause more pain.


Q&A with Paddle Palace CEO


In 1971, at the age of 15, Judy Bochenski joined a team of “ping pong diplomats” on a trip to China that helped pave the way for President Nixon’s breakthrough state visit a year later.


State slams FERC’s LNG approval

BradwoodLandingIn mid September, federal officials approved a controversial liquid natural gas project located on the Columbia River and in doing so set the stage for a potential legal battle between the state of Oregon and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.


No reel improvement

Independently run theaters that charge less than the big boys don’t seem to be reaping the benefits of more moviegoers with less cash to spend in the down economy.