November 2008

The worry index

1108Input1Readers rate their top concerns


Economist Joe Cortright: "Fasten your seatbelts"

t_JoeCortrightYOU REMEMBER THE FEELING from when you were a kid: Just past the top of the highest point of the track, the roller-coaster car falls away, taking the pit of your stomach with it.


Deal Watch: David Evans gets $250 million

ocean waves

AT THE CURRENT RATE of about 3,000 square nautical miles a year, it will take the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration more than 160 years to accurately survey the country’s 500,000 square nautical miles of vital commercial waters.


Hood River County: low wages, high expectations

1107OED1JOBS OUTNUMBER RESIDENT workers in Hood River County because of a large agricultural base and summer and winter recreation.


Peak wheat

1107indicators1The price of soft white wheat at Portland rocketed above $14 in January of this year but has drifted toward earth since then.