December 2008

Rates on the rise

1208Indicators1Oregon’s September unemployment rate was 15th-highest among the 50 states, an improvement over last year when it was 10th.


Q&A with Jeff Merkley on business


Shortly after he defeated Republican Gordon Smith in early November, U.S. Senator-elect Jeff Merkley caught his breath just long enough to talk briefly about how he would address the challenges facing Oregon businesses.


Telecom suffers and shrinks

The loss of 100 Oregon jobs from Denver-based Qwest, part of 1,200 jobs the telecom company said it would cut nationwide by year’s end, is another blow to an already shrinking job sector in Oregon.


Goodies can’t hold Hynix or Freightliner

The meticulously designed SolarWorld facility that has brought hundreds of new jobs to Hillsboro did not come for free.

Bottle bill changes uncork opposition

When Oregon became the first state in the nation to pass a bottle bill in 1971, the program built swiftly into a success, with a recovery rate of more than 90%.


Banks get cash infusion

As of mid-November, three Oregon banks are in line to get a federal infusion of cash.