December 2008

The sky is not falling

1208Cover10 reasons why you shouldn't panic.
And 9 reasons why you should


Where did they go?


What does it matter that Oregon hasn't seen an IPO for years?


Down the line

FrankDulcichThe future of the seafood industry rests  with leaders such as Pacific Seafood’s Frank Dulcich, and his ability to balance strong-willed business tactics with collaboration.


Out of the frying pan

s_RobinThere’s been a lot of criticism directed at those who believe the economic sky is is falling.


Car dealers collapse as sales drive off a cliff

CarDealersAt first glance, the car lot in outer Southeast Portland looks like all the others nearby, plentifully stocked with “Dealer’s Specials” and “Fresh Start Financing” deals.


The boxer rebellion

StevenLienIf ever there was a persuasive reason to start a men’s underwear shop in downtown Portland, Steven Lien thinks he has it. “Women,” he observes, “are tired of seeing guys in bad underwear.”