Summit agenda full of urgency

Summit agenda full of urgency

PORTLAND There’s a new tone of urgency to the eighth annual Oregon Leadership Summit planned for Dec. 11 at the Oregon Convention Center.

“With a recession looming, we must take immediate action to keep our economy on track,” writes ESCO CEO Steve Pratt on the summit’s website. Rather than making lofty plans for an idyllic future, Pratt and other business leaders will get the event rolling with ideas for jump-starting the economy. Transportation infrastructure, public works jobs and energy investments are sure to be hot topics.

At the same time, organizers stress they don’t want to lose sight of the overarching goals of the Oregon Business Plan. In that spirit, the afternoon agenda calls for eight concurrent breakout sessions exploring long-term strategies regarding education, public finance and health care, to name a few.

That makes for one seriously full day. Last year about two-thirds of Oregon’s legislators attended the summit. Project coordinator Jeremy Rogers says he hopes to boost attendance further this year, given the urgency of the times. The group had planned to bring in high-profile keynote speakers but opted instead to focus on, well, keeping focused. 


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