March 2009

Rail problems east, south have few answers, many obstacles

ATSfloods.jpgRural rail lines in Oregon are the best hope some counties have to support industry, either what little forest products manufacturing that remains, or the potential for something greater in the future.

There’s room at the inn as lodging industry feels drop

TheNines.jpgOregon’s lodging industry is taking a significant financial hit as consumers and businesses cut out unnecessary expenditures such as travel from their budgets.

Bet on it: Lottery says it will deliver its $1.324 billion

LotteryButton.jpgDespite what the state predicts, the Oregon Lottery still plans to provide the budgeted $1.324 billion to support state schools, parks and natural resources, job creation, and gambling treatment programs.

Cities delay fees to boost building

In an attempt to boost residential building, the Springfield City Council in January approved a new program that authorizes it to defer all planning, building and systems development fees for builders until final occupancy permits are secure.

Oregon unions gain members, face uncertain future growth

In late January, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released national data that showed unions, despite the economy, grew for the second year in a row in 2008.

Continued job loss runs through all industries

pinkslip.jpgThe almost daily announcements of job cuts are coming from all directions and it seems almost no industries are immune.

Huge patent backlog saps research and startup energy

The staggering 770,000 patent backlog at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is sapping the energy behind research development and startups in Oregon.