March 2009

Business travel: cutting the carbon footprint

As the threat of global climate change grows, an increasing number of businesses are implementing sustainable practices to reduce their carbon footprints.

Watch out for the work spouses

Growing numbers of people are finding spouses in the workplace, but these couples won’t spend their lives together, just the workday.

Economist Joe Cortright urges weatherizing jobs

Joe CortrightAs our federal and state leaders consider what form the stimulus package should take, they should put a premium on efforts that put lots of people to work quickly

Deal Watch: Solar panel firm XsunX bags $10 million deal

sun.pngWith its January landing of a two-year, $10 million deal with an undisclosed Oregon commercial developer, thin-film solar panel company XsunX now has nearly $50 million worth of contracts lined up and ready to go.

Wood products jobs chopped by one-sixth

WoodProducts.gifEmployment in Oregon’s timber industry has been declining for decades. Reasons include mechanization, competition from Canada and changes in forest management due to environmental concerns.

Bankruptcies erupt again

IndicatorsChart1.pngOregon bankruptcies ratcheted up in 2008 with business filings spiking in December and increasing 67% versus 2007 to 405.