March 2009

No. 1 medium company: Slayden Construction

SlaydenConstruction.jpgWhen Todd Woodley and Greg Huston took over Slayden Construction in 2002, they inherited a solid family business with a strong record of placing power in the hands of employees.

No. 1 large company: Hitachi Consulting

HitachiConsulting.jpgIt was 2002 and for a handful of business management and IT consultants in Portland, it was the worst possible nightmare. The company they worked for, Arthur Andersen, one of the storied "Big Five" accounting firms, was imploding.

The 2009 100 Best Companies List

100BestBrand2.jpgOur annual ranking of the 100 Best Companies to Work For in Oregon turns Sweet 16 this year with an astounding 30,000 employees participating.

The perks of the 100 Best

100BestBrand3.jpgWhat do the other Top 10 companies have that puts them heads above the others? For starters, there’s the free massage, car repairs, gratis hotel rooms and let’s not forget the chicken enchiladas.