February 2009

Economist Eric Fruits on Oregon’s jobless rate

Oregon's unemployment rate is among the highest in the country and is heading toward double digits. If employment does not improve, one out of every 10 Oregonians will be looking for work by the middle of the year.

Even the A.G. is pushing for job creation

It's no surprise given the state's alarming employment trends that one can hardly throw a shoe these days without hitting a politician who claims to be creating jobs.

Business bankruptcies increase 67% in 2008

Business bankruptcies rose 67% in Oregon in 2008, as the growing financial crisis leaves businesses big and small struggling to stay afloat.

Mt. Bachelor attempts to win back skiers

MtBachelorSki.jpgIt was one of the most important days of the season for Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort, midway between Christmas and New Year's, and the conditions were not pretty.

Oregon turns 150 on Feb. 14

Here's what we like best about our funny Valentine

Stocks that went up

You know times are hard when you can count on one hand the public companies that gained over the past year.

Health reform still plans Salem campaign

This won’t be an easy legislative session for health-care reform. It was one of the 2007 legislative session’s biggest stars; this year it plays second fiddle to the economy, jobs and economic stimulus.