February 2009

Dispatches from Main Street


How's business? We take a thousand-mile journey to find out.

What will save Central Oregon?

WitchitaYMCA.jpgWelcome to Central Oregon, where the economic news is grim and the bottom is nowhere in sight.

Read it and don’t weep

s_RobinMy family landed on the Space Coast of Florida in 1968, bewildered Rust Belt astronauts trying to make their way.

Dropoff in building fees squeezes city budgets


Oregon cities big and small are grappling with a steep decline in all revenues, but none more alarming than dwindling building fees.

Housing downturn hits senior sector


The ravaged condo and residential markets in Oregon have received most of the attention in the housing collapse, but the downturn, which has sapped many retirement funds, finally is reaching another housing sector: senior-living communities.

Q&A with Gale Castillo, president of the Hispanic Metro chamber

It’s no surprise given the state’s alarming employment trends that one can hardly throw a shoe these days without hitting a politician who claims to be creating jobs.

Ex-Im Bank helps traded sector

You know the pendulum has swung when the government is backing loans that banks won’t touch.