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Articles - May 2014
Monday, April 28, 2014

Liquid gold

Clearwater Pump Service
Launched: 2012
Owner: David Parson

Stuff of life: “Water is a valuable resource, and it’s too often taken for granted. Most people who aren’t on city water are on wells, so they need pumps to get water to their homes or businesses or farms. We provide service and installation. We also provide filtration. Water comes in different qualities. Some of it’s pure, some not.”

Thirst quencher: “Wells and water are something I’ve done since high school. It’s a bug or a fever you catch, because it’s addicting to feel you’ve provided that much gratification to somebody. Most of our deals are done on a handshake. There’s a level of trust; it’s more than just a receipt.”

Farm bound: “Our next focus will be in agricultural irrigation, both as a supplier and as a contractor. It’s a niche where there’s not a lot of expertise out there, and that’s really where we want to become one of the bigger players in the state.”

Number cruncher

Launched: 2014
CEO: Andy Parks

A web-based tool, CiviData automates data collection and benchmarking information from the public sector, with a current focus on utilities. Parks says the goal is to help local governments make more informed policy decisions.

What we do: CiviData gathers information about rates “across a spectrum of other utilities for the same meter size and amount of consumption, and graphically displays that for an organization to very quickly see where they are in the marketplace.”

Case study: CiviData compiled a report comparing water rates for the city of Newport with 24 other comparable municipalities. Staff included this report in their materials presented to city council as they considered a rate increase last year. A similar report comparing Portland water rates to other water utilities could prove useful to residents who are voting this month on a special water district, Parks says.

Next: CiviData has verified rates for more than 225 utilities in 20 states and will soon “have rates from more than 400 utilities in 25 states.”


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Friday, March 27, 2015

My daughter turned 18 last week, and for her birthday I got her a Car2Go membership. Not to label myself a disruptor or anything, but it felt like a groundbreaking moment. The two of us, mother and child, were participating in a new teen rite of passage: Instead of handing over the car keys, I handed over a car-sharing card — with the caveat that she not use the gift as her own personal car service.


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Letting Go

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Party Like It’s 1999

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015
pets-com-sock-puppetBY JASON NORRIS, CFA | OB GUEST BLOGGER, GeoCities, eToys, and WorldCom … blasts-from-the-past that all signify the late 1990s Internet bubble. Yet we believe the dynamics of the market, specifically in technology stocks, are much different today than it was during the late 1990s.

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