The more they change, the more they stay the same

The more they change, the more they stay the same

How are the Best Companies judged?

We measure employee opinion on 25 workplace/job statements as well as an employer questionnaire on benefits. Employees rate their satisfaction — 83% of companies’ 100 Best scores — as well as the importance they attach to work environment, management and communications, decision making and trust, career development and learning, and benefits and compensation.

What do employees really care about?

Perks and benefits aside, the top priorities for Oregon employees are the same set of intangibles as last year. Workers demand a considerate boss they can trust, a job that accommodates their life outside work, pride in the company and fun, collaborative coworkers.

Five Survey Statements Most Important to Employees:

1    Treatment by supervisors and management
2    Flexibility to balance family, community and job obligations
3    Pride and belief in the company
4    Teamwork, cooperation and fun at work
5    Trust in management decisions

Convergece Networks, No. 6 Medium
LifeSource Natural Foods, No. 23 Medium
Carr Auto Group, No. 6 Large