The more they change, the more they stay the same

The more they change, the more they stay the same

100-best-collageBY BRANDON SAWYER

The 100 Best Companies get more creative with perks and more generous with benefits; employees seek empowering relations with management and coworkers.

Our 100 Best Companies project turned 21 this year, so pop open the Champagne. Our latest survey gives us plenty to cheer.

Statewide, unemployment has been in steady decline as the job market finally heated up, and top employers once again strained to outdo one another with enticing benefits, outrageous perks and workplaces, sweet workplaces. Puppies, Ping-Pong, standing desks, massages, tuition reimbursement, free lunch, video arcades, biking bonuses, unlimited vacation, lactation lounges, sabbaticals, kegs with local brews, Zumba classes, Hawaiian getaways, volleyball and free eggs. Who would ever want to leave?

Health care and wellness options all increased among the 100 Best, as did elder- and child-care subsidies, telecommuting, maternity and paternity leave, retirement plan contributions, ESOP plans and volunteer community service.

Boly:Welch, No. 7 Small

Marmoset, No. 25 Small
Independent Dispatch, No. 5 Medium