Environment vs. economy

Environment vs. economy

Balancing natural resource preservation and economic growth is a defining feature of life in the Pacific Northwest. Yet most of our readers think the scales are tipped against economic growth. A majority thinks more timber harvesting should be allowed on federal lands and that more water should be available for agricultural use in the Columbia River Basin. But not everyone agrees the economy and the environment are in opposition. Thirty-one percent of readers think natural resource regulations enhance economic growth, and 16% are unsure. Research partner CFM Strategic Communications conducted the survey of 397 readers in September.

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0 #1 Founder/GPAGuest 2013-11-15 21:14:37
I like the pretty, colorful survey, but I realize that this is but a snapshot in time. What the survey does not portray, is the deeper underpinnings, of what is really going on! Our society no longer depends on real debate, but focuses its efforts on pollster ratings, questionnaires, exams, and routed learning, haha. If you want to know the real divide between the environmental haves, and have-nots, it is simply a question of who truly has a matrix understanding of resource locators, increasing eco-information , and actions associated with. At what price, will a person pay, in order to experience natural beauty? Why don't you ask the latest victims, and winners, of Typhoon Yolanda? I predict that the price they are willing to pay, will be without limit, and we're talking trillions, in an as-of-yet undefined currency that is truly sustainable, and global. If you have already put all of your eggs, in the pre-assigned baskets, then you have missed the point of what it means to truly be "green"...
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