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1 An appetite for travel
2 Connections: That's what Boly:Welch is all about
3 Recent Court Decisions Shine a Renewed Light on the Desirability of Employee Arbitration Agreements
4 Growing family business
5 How agents can help you navigate Affordable Care Act
6 Tourism futures
7 Are we ready? Oregon business and disaster preparedness
8 Tourism reels in business
9 Plugging the leak
10 Polishing profits: Ten ways to "Spring Clean" your business
11 Outdoor recreation = Job creation
12 TriMet helps fuel the Portland Metro area economy
13 Cashing in on Portland's real estate boom
14 Innovation with clean diesel construction
15 The other health insurance exchange employers need to pay attention to
16 Art as a reflection of people and society
17 All about craft
18 Off the charts
19 Focused on innovation
20 The Change Makers
21 Doing It Right
22 The Online Crime Fighters
23 Investing in Women
24 Strategic Partnerships with Oregon Tech
25 Four Tips to Finance Business Growth
26 Why It Makes Financial Sense for Employers to Regularly Shop for Health Plans
27 Calling for a Cyber-Secure State
28 Inactivity is Killing Productivity
29 Taking a Business Approach to Sustainability
30 Mega-Hit
31 Honoring the Ethical
32 Is My Drug-Free Workplace Policy Up in Smoke?
33 Oregon's Culture Means Business
34 Island of Industry
35 The Competitive Advantage
36 A Fruitful Partnership
37 Leading a Wellness Revolution
38 Finding Fulfillment
39 Exit Planning and the Changing of the Guard: A Value Proposition
40 Corban University's Enduring Business Lesson: Invest in the Whole Student
41 Regional Focus Helps The Dalles Succeed
42 Raising the Barge on Compliance
43 Paying It Forward
44 The Block that Innovation Built
45 Finding Meaning in Numbers
46 Successful Stories
47 The Business of Stormwater Compliance
48 Partners in Prevention
49 Tourism Supports a More Sustainable Oregon
50 Environments: Partners in Change
51 Greener Pastures for Oregon Manufacturing
52 Banking on Culture
53 Innovation on Display
54 Salem’s Mill Creek Property Lifts the Mid- Willamette Valley to Prime Time
55 Hart Wagner Helps Clients Avoid Costly Legal Actions
56 Are you Failing Your Business by Ignoring Analytics?
57 Fictional Mailbag: Can I Fire A Medical Marijuana Cardholder?
58 NLRB Punts: Dismisses Northwestern University Football Representation Case
59 Agents of Change
60 Divided NLRB Drops Existing Rule, Adopts Union-Friendly Joint Employer Standard
61 Gay Marriage, Religious Rights, And The Workplace = One Tough Puzzle
62 Fictional Mailbag: Is Hiring The Best Qualified Candidate An ADA Violation?
63 Business plan for reinvented sports drink born at Marylhurst
64 A Recipe for Change
65 Calling All Dreamers
66 A Case Study on How One Company Tackled Hunger In Oregon
67 Oregon’s Growing Wage Gap
68 What Can Employers Do About Gun Violence In The Workplace
69 BOLI Advisory Opinion Concludes That Uber Drivers Are Employees
70 Strategies for Coping with the Rising Health Plan Costs & the Affordable Care Act
71 A Fertile Partnership
72 Frontier’s Local Focus Links Rural Oregon With Wider World
73 A Waterfront Awakens
74 Top 3 tech trends health care managers should have on their radars

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Company Present Accepted

November/December 2015
Wednesday, October 28, 2015

’Tis the season of giving — and that goes far beyond trees drowning in Lego sets and ironic knitwear. Santa Claus knows corporations are people too, in need of gifts to warm the hearts (and stomachs) of even the most Grinch-like CFOs.


The cover story

Linda Baker
Thursday, November 12, 2015

I walked off the Vigor Industrial shipyard that day with a clear cover line in mind: the Love Boat.


Rail revival

Linda Baker
Wednesday, November 11, 2015
111115-OregonShortLineRailCarTHUMBBY LINDA BAKER

“What we’ve seen traditionally over the past few decades is a reduction of short line railroads. This is a rare opportunity to see a line being opened.”


The Shift to Community Health Care

November/December 2015
Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A conversation with Patrick Curran, CEO of CareOregon.


There's a great future in plastics

Linda Baker
Friday, October 30, 2015
103115-lindachinathumbBY LINDA BAKER

This is a story about a small plastics company in wine country now exporting more than one million feet — 260 miles worth — of tubing to China every month.


Reader Input: Made in Oregon

November/December 2015
Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Two trends dominate the manufacturing sector: onshoring and the rise of small-scale production manufacturing, known as the "maker economy."


The Love Boat

November/December 2015
Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Vigor’s values don’t stop at truth. Walk into a company office, conference room or on any shipyard site and you’ll most likely see a poster inscribed with the words “Truth. Responsibility. Evolution. Love.” Otherwise known as TREL, Vigor’s culture code and the prominence it is accorded can be a bit surprising to the unsuspecting shipyard visitor.

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