What I'm reading: Roger Lee

What I'm reading: Roger Lee

Roger Lee, Executive Director of Economic Development for Central Oregon, shares what he's reading.

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Empire of the Summer Moon by S.C. Gwynne

“A vivid look into a significant but overlooked chapter of American history — the decades-long war between white settlers and the Comanche Indians in what is now Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. The story centers on the rise of an unlikely leader of the Comanche. Graphic at times but hard to put down.”

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What Happy People Know by Dan Baker

“Some of the key ideas in this book include understanding the relationship between fear and appreciation, taking power over our emotions and seeing the pitfalls of materialism. I’ve always been intrigued by studies that show some of the world’s poorest people rate highest on the ‘happy’ index, so I am hopeful this book will shed some light.”

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Lee: The Last Years by Charles Bracelen Flood

“A very well-researched book on another overlooked chapter in the life of one of America’s greatest leaders. As a distant relative of Robert E. Lee, I had read other historical accounts, but this book focused on what Lee did after his surrender at Appomattox to mend and rebuild a devastated and deeply divided country.”