June 2013

What I'm reading: Dave Chen

0613 BOB DaveChen 01Equilibrium Capital Principal Dave Chen shares what he's reading.

What I'm reading: Nitin Rai

0613 BOB NitinRai 01First Insight Corporation CEO Nitin Rai shares what he's reading.

What I'm reading: Kate Brown

0613 BOB KateBrown 02Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown shares what she's reading.

Funding the Future

Produced by the Oregon Business marketing department

0613 YS PCC 05Preston Pulliams retires as president of Portland Community College (PCC) this month, and as part of his swan song, he’s asking corporate donors and community leaders to participate in a new fundraising campaign. Launched last year, “The Campaign for Opportunity” aims to help fund educational opportunities for first-generation college students, who comprise 40% of PCC’s student population.

Oregon: state of green

0613 StateOfGreen 01Oregon forges ahead in low-emissions transportation and green-materials research, holds steady on green building and battles uncertainty in the renewable energy and clean-tech manufacturing markets.

The sharing economy

0613 TheSharingEconomy 01Social media is turning consumers into entrepreneurs. Is this the end of ownership?

Greenlighting design

0613 Tactics 01Eleek co-owner Sattie Clark builds a family-owned business around sustainable lighting.