May 2013

What I'm reading: Beth Dehamel

0513 BOB WIR Dehamel 02Mercy Corps CFO Beth Dehamel shares what she's reading.

What I'm reading: Raghu Raghavan

0513 BOB WIR Raghavan 01Act-On CEO Raghu Raghavan shares what he's reading.

The STEM shortage

0513 Skills 01To meet demand for skilled workers, business leaders, along with educators and politicians, promote science, technology, engineering and math education.

What is driving the cost of health care?

0513 Data Graph 05Cost shifting‚ an aging population and new technologies are pushing health costs ever higher. State and federal health care reforms seek to reverse the upward spiral.

Farm futures: private equity goes organic

0513 FarmFutures 01Can a private equity fund stabilize financing for small farmers while advancing cutting-edge sustainable agriculture?

Combined Transport keeps on trucking

0513 Tactics 01Think trucks are smelly, polluting dinosaurs crowding the nation’s highways? Think again, says Mike Card, president of Central Point-based Combined Transport.

Betting on biotech

0513 FOB Conversation MedicalResearchA scientist grows an incubator.