May 2013

OHSU researchers make medicine from mollusks

0513 NextDespite their name, shipworms are not worms but mollusks: small, clam-like creatures that cause no end of headaches for boat owners by drilling their hard shells into ship hulls, then consuming that cellulose as breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now a team of OHSU researchers, in partnership with scientists from other institutions, has discovered an upside to the hungry worm.

Powerlist: foundations

This month's Powerlist ranks foundations by total assets.

The power of community giving

0513 BOB FoundationsCharitable giving can bring people together on many different issues to find solutions that cross the traditional Oregon divides of geography, politics and culture.

Surge in small business financing

0513 BOB BizMattersOregon is a state of small businesses. More than 75% of the businesses in the state employ only between one and nine employees. That is why, at Business Oregon, we focus so much of our work on helping small businesses finance growth and find new markets for their products.

Public private partnership answer to coastal traffic congestion

0513 BOB TransportationTraffic congestion from Portland to the Oregon Coast along the Highway 99W corridor is steadily increasing. I vividly recall sitting in traffic on the way to the wine country or the beach, thinking there must be a cost-effective way to complete transportation projects in tight economic times.

What I'm reading: David Kenney

0513 BOB WIR Kenney 01Oregon BEST President & Executive Director David Kenney shares what he's reading.

What I'm reading: Cindy Cooper

0513 BOB WIR Cooper 01Cindy Cooper, Co-founder & Director of Impact Entrepreneurs, Portland State University, shares what she's reading.