What I'm reading: Cindy Cooper

What I'm reading: Cindy Cooper

Cindy Cooper, Co-founder & Director of Impact Entrepreneurs, Portland State University, shares what she's reading.

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Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher: The Epic Life and Immortal Photographs of Edward Curtis By Timothy Egan

“Expecting a dry biographical account due to my own bias against the genre, I ventured slowly then plunged into this book on a recent trip to Seattle. Adventurer, artist, and activist, Curtis set out on a monolithic race to both exquisitely and accurately document the remaining American Indian tribes in the early 1900s, leaving his young family and thriving photography studio in Seattle, and ultimately, leaving a gift of our history. In Curtis, I unexpectedly found the markings of a social entrepreneur – unreasonable, under-resourced and unmovable in mission. Egan’s writing is relentlessly great, much like the photographs and recordings of his subject.”

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To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others By Daniel Pink

“My amazing colleague and force for entrepreneurs Angela Jackson suggested this book for a monthly meeting of Portland State University entrepreneurship agitators. With her recommendation and my prior enjoyment of Pink’s Drive as fuel, I was persuaded to read a book about selling. Pink makes a compelling argument about the ubiquity of selling (i.e., influencing, persuading) in the age of the Internet and the increasing demand for elasticity of skills (i.e., entrepreneurial self-leadership). A master of persuasion himself, Pink perpetually enticed my interest with a combination of accessible human stories and hard data.”