April 2013

What I'm reading: Skip Rung

0413 BOB WhatImReading Rung 01Skip Rung, President of Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute, shares what he's been reading.


What I'm reading: Marie Osmunson

0413 BOB WhatImReading Osmunson 01Marie Osmunson, CEO of Chez Gourmet, shares what she's reading.

The game changers

0413 GameChangers 03Eight athletes, executives and innovators who are boosting the profile of Oregon sports.

East Portland rises

0413 EastPortland 01Neglected eastside neighborhoods begin to attract political attention and grow new community-based business models.

Timber split

0413 TimberSplit 01Efforts to balance logging and environmental issues move forward in eastern Oregon as gridlock continues in the west.

Engineering stability

0413 Tactics 01Looking out the sixth-floor windows of the David Evans and Associates building in downtown Portland, a visitor sees numerous engineering projects the company has either helped build or rebuild.

Ripe time for urban vintners

0413 FOB Dispatches DrinkCity 02After shelling out for acreage, machinery, landscaping, labor costs, bottling and marketing, budding vintners would be lucky to start a standard winery in the Willamette Valley for anything less than several hundred thousand dollars. But in Portland, another business model for wineries is sprouting that’s more like founding Facebook than starting a farm.