April 2013

OSU scientists create new purple tomato

0413 NextTomatoes owe their red color to carotenoids, a group of fat-soluble pigments rich in antioxidants. Now scientists at Oregon State University have created a new, purple tomato — “Indigo Rose” — that owes its eggplant color to another class of nutrient-heavy pigments called “anthocyanins.”

Powerlist: banks

This month's Powerlist ranks banks by 6/30/12 Oregon and Clark County, Washington deposits.

Foreclosure: myths and reality

0413 BOB FinanceOver the years since the mortgage bubble burst, the term “bank” has been a four-letter word and an easy target for the media, the legislature and the general public. In fact, my own peers at community banks and credit unions have been known to jump on the bandwagon through the sound bite of “Main Street vs. Wall Street.”

Exports drive job growth

0413 BOB BizMattersThe link is simple, straightforward and well proven: finding export markets for Oregon products means thousands of jobs for Oregonians here at home.

Beyond gridlock: renewing development in the Convention Center, Rose Quarter and Lloyd districts

0413 BOB PortlandDevelopmentThe Oregon Convention Center Phase 1 opened in 1990, and Phase 2 opened in 2003. The Rose Garden opened in 1995, and the last constructed high-rise office building in the Lloyd District opened in 1997. We are now in 2013, and nothing of significance has been built in the three districts for more than 10 years.

What I'm reading: Sam Blackman

0413 BOB WhatImReading Blackman 01Sam Blackman, CEO of Elemental Technologies, shares what he's reading.

What I'm reading: Linda Navarro

0413 BOB WhatImReading Navarro 02Linda Navarro, President and CEO of Oregon Bankers Association, shares what she's reading.