January 2013

The business lending trend

0113 ByTheNumbers 01Business lending nationally is almost back to 2008 levels, but small businesses are getting less, particularly in Oregon.

Oregon's first lady Cylvia Hayes balances life, work and play

0113 LiveWorkPlay CylviaHayesCylvia Hayes is policy adviser to Gov. John Kitzhaber on clean energy and economic development. She is also his longtime companion, and as First Lady, she has made poverty and hunger her key issues.

Resolution redux

0113 Input 01The New Year is once again upon us, and who hasn’t made (and broken) many a resolution? Here’s what 532 Oregon Business readers said will be on their personal and business New Year’s resolution lists for 2013.

Looking back, forward

0113 EditorsLetter 02The new year always brings the urge to assess the past and gaze into the future.

Powerlist: colleges and universities

The Colleges & Universities Powerlist from our 2013 Power Book ranks institutions by fall 2012 FTE credit enrollment

Powerlist: financial planners and money managers

The Financial Planners & Money Managers Powerlist from our 2013 Power Book ranks financial planners and money managers by Oregon assets under management (AUM)

Powerlist: banks and credit unions

The Banks and Credit Unions Powerlists from our 2013 Power Book ranks banks by credit unions by 6/30/12 deposits

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