January 2013

Business leaders push legislative agenda in Salem

0113 TheRushOnSalem 01Business gears up for the legislative session with bold ideas to rein in PERS and prison costs as well as a response to the governor's 10-year energy plan.

The real deal: Jordan Schnitzer's strategy

0113 TheRealDealThe president of Harsch Investment Properties in Portland assesses an industry beset by arrogance.

Oregon handbag designers find success

0113 Dispatches Handbags 04It’s time for Oregon’s handbag designers to take the spotlight.

Multiple sclerosis therapy enters phase 2

0113 GamePlan ArtielleMultiple sclerosis is an immune disorder in which the body mistakenly attacks the myelin sheath surrounding nerve fibers in the brain and spinal cord.

Portland's Ergo Depot specializes in ergonomic furniture

0113 GamePlan ErgoDepot 04The future of sitting is standing. That prediction distills the essence of Ergo Depot, a Portland-based distributor of ergonomic home and office furniture.

The business lending trend

0113 ByTheNumbers 01Business lending nationally is almost back to 2008 levels, but small businesses are getting less, particularly in Oregon.

Oregon's first lady Cylvia Hayes balances life, work and play

0113 LiveWorkPlay CylviaHayesCylvia Hayes is policy adviser to Gov. John Kitzhaber on clean energy and economic development. She is also his longtime companion, and as First Lady, she has made poverty and hunger her key issues.