Oregon handbag designers find success

Oregon handbag designers find success


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David Stoops, owner of Black Star Bags in Portland, makes waterproof messenger bags.
// Photo above by Sierra Breshears
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It’s time for Oregon’s handbag designers to take the spotlight.

Local fashion designers get all the attention, what with six of them already featured on Project Runway and others showcased at FASHIONxt (previously known as Portland Fashion Week). But now the focus is shifting to include designers of purses and bags.

Two Portland handbag design companies, Christina Castillo and BD503, were part of October’s FASHIONxt, showing high fashion handbags that turned heads and found new customers.

Portland boutique owner Anne Bocci, who closely follows the global fashion scene, started stocking $550 Christina Castillo Italian leather handbags after seeing the designer’s display at FASHIONxt.

“Christina’s is the finest material you can get and it’s still made in the USA,” says Bocci. “It’s almost like a $1,200 Prada bag. You can’t get any better than this.”

Castillo, a UO journalism graduate, designs bags manufactured in an artisan factory in Chicago.



+4 #1 Show where the bags are madeGuest 2013-01-03 03:38:34
Just visited Christina's website. No where in the product descriptions does it proudly state the country of origin. It would be nice to see the MADE IN USA for every product on the website proudly displayed. We need more made in USA products, and for the companies to proudly display it. Consumers are now looking for the MADE IN USA description / labels / country of origin.
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0 #2 FashionXt is NOT Portland Fashion Week® - Please EditGuest 2013-01-08 03:13:42
Hello Susan,
You have been given incorrect information regarding the transformation of Portland Fashion Week into FashionXt. Portland Fashion Week is not FashionXt. Portland Fashion Week is a registered trademark of Portland Fashion Council, LLC. Mr. Chowdhury is a former producer of Portland Fashion Week and is no longer associated with Portland Fashion Week, nor is his event.
Thank you
Jessica Kane
Portland Fashion Council, LLC.
Portland Fashion Week
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0 #3 RE: Oregon handbag designers find successGuest 2014-04-19 11:44:37
Creativity in handbags can be played with easily. Women love handbags, and they mostly appreciate the creative input.

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