Nov/Dec 2012

Cheaper quake solution

1112 GamePlan CoreFirstCoreFirst has developed a seismic retrofit system involving steel-constructed, cartridge-style "safe zones" that can be installed in existing school buildings and cost 75% less than a full retrofit.

American-made plan in the bag

1112 GamePlan WiggysIf Doug Hoschek can’t get REI to consider carrying a line of sleeping bags, then probably no one can.

The party line

1112 ByTheNumbers MapOregonians who don’t want to join either the Democratic or Republican party have increased dramatically since the last presidential election.

Sean Robbins balances life, work, play

1112 LiveWorkPlay SeanRobbinsIn August 2011, Sean Robbins became chief executive of Greater Portland Inc., a public-private partnership focused on increasing the vitality of the Portland-Vancouver region.

Cooking clean

1112 Launch EcoZoomBen West was working for a trucking company in Tennessee, “getting good raises and good bonuses,” when he realized the work wasn’t making him feel good about what he was doing.

Business mood turns optimistic

1112 InputGraph 02The business community is in a decidedly more optimistic frame of mind in this year’s polling on business mood.

Getting off the road

1112 EditorsLetterThere's an old reporter's adage about our business: The definition of news is what your editors see on their way to work.