October 2012

Market growth

1012 Dispatches GrocersTwo trends currently dominate the supermarket industry: concerns about price and locally grown, locally procured food.

Building bridges

1012 ByTheNumbers StateBridgesDrive, pedal or stroll through Portland and it’s easy to see the City of Roses is also a city of bridges.

Lawn-chair balloonist's day job

1012 GamePlan CustomerServiceKent Couch’s aerial exploits have been chronicled for the world to dissect and ponder. Known as the lawn-chair balloonist, Couch has pursued for the past decade an esoteric hobby. He attaches huge helium-filled balloons to a Bi-Mart lawn chair and ascends into the stratosphere to see where the winds will carry him.

Shoe company runs minimalist race

1012 GamePlan SkoraThe highest hurdle facing Portland minimalist running shoe company SKORA since it officially brought its first two models to market in February hasn’t been convincing runners of the potential of the new shoes. Instead, it’s been one of simple recognition among retailers in a field dominated by big guns like Vibram FiveFingers and the Nike Free Run.

Live, work, play: Gale Castillo

1012 LiveWorkPlay GaleCastilloGale Castillo, President of the Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber, balances life, work and play.

Serving the law

1012 Launch ManzamaA graduate of Willamette University’s joint MBA/law program, Peter Ozolin was always more interested in entrepreneurialism than the practice of law. So in 2010, he co-founded Manzama, a startup that searches the Internet for data relevant to the company’s legal clients.

Business support for nonprofits changes

1012 InputGraph 04We’ve charted the business community’s nonprofit support for the past four years, and this year we find support for board membership and earmarking profits for charities have decreased over the past year.