October 2012

Next: saving artwork

1012 NextArt museums rely on protective coatings to shield outdoor sculptures from weather and air pollution. But figuring out how effective those anticorrosion coatings are and when they need to be replaced remains a challenge.

Powerlist: law firms

This month's Powerlist ranks law firms by number of lawyers in Oregon and SW Washington.

Regional report: Valley city evolution

1012 ValleyCityEvolution 07The midtier cities of Salem, Albany, Eugene and Springfield look to retooled identities as the key to stronger economies.

2012 CEO pay report

1012 CEOPay Graph MarkParker NEWOur analysis of executive compensation at Oregon's 20 biggest public companies.

Forging ahead

1012 Tactics 01In 1971 Ulven Forging was a single company that forged hooks, shackles and logging tongs for timber harvesting. Forty years later, the Hubbard-based metal components manufacturer has evolved into The Ulven Companies, a family of four individual businesses catering to the oil and gas, maritime, and defense industries — as well as other markets that have a need for Ulven’s casting, forging, machining and rigging supplies.

Wheels turning

1012 WheelsTurning 01Portland's longtime zest for going carless has helped boost the car-sharing industry...and there's still room to grow.

Fish story

1012 FishStory 01Businessman and environmentalist Duncan Berry began with the question of how to keep local seafood in Oregon. His answer was Fishpeople.