September 2012

The juniper solution

0912 GamePlan HarvestingJuniperOregon’s Western Juniper gets a bad rap. Although it’s a native species, juniper forests have spread uncontrollably in the central and eastern parts of the state, threatening sage grouse habitat and sucking the water table dry.

On the ballot

0912 GamePlan ElectionsNothing is certain but death and taxes — and elections.

Downtown Dayton's dawn

0912 GamePlan DowntownDayton 01Coming into Dayton off Highway 18, one of the first things you’ll see is the renovation of Dayton’s First Baptist Church that’s under way. It stands out as a visible sign of progress in a downtown marked by vacant storefronts and worn buildings.

Fertile ground for Oregon ag

0912 ByTheNumbers 01Oregon's agriculture is valued at $4.1 billion. 

With a grain of salt

0912 Launch JacobsenSaltBen Jacobsen was surprised to discover sea salt was not available in Portland as a locally sourced ingredient.

Jill Eiland balances life, work, play

0912 LiveWorkPlay JillEilandJill Eiland, corporate affairs manager for Intel, balances life, work and play.

Questioning online education

0912 InputGraph 03Enrollment at Oregon’s public universities is growing, and changes in the state’s education policies and goals are likely to push it higher even as many college classrooms, labs and lecture halls are overflowing.

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