July/August 2012

Next: plant plastic

0712 NextMaking biofuels from plants requires breaking down the plant into sugars, which then ferment into ethanol. One of the challenges with that process is what to do with lignin, the tough glue that holds the plant fibers together.

Powerlist: architecture, engineering and design firms

This month's Powerlist ranks architecture, engineering and design firms by number of licensed professionals in Oregon.

Oregon's Private 150

0712 P150Revenue and Oregon jobs increase for the state's biggest private companies.

The divide

0712 TheDivide 02Mike Green wants black America in the 21st-century tech economy. He plans to start the revolution in one of the country’s whitest cities.

Burger built

0712 BurgerBuilt 01Good burger joints aren't rare, but Little Big Burger in Portland stands out for its big profits and rapid expansion.

Chill factor

0712 Tactics 03Strawberries and low-cost energy, two abundant Oregon resources, prompted Oregon Freeze Dry to set up shop in Albany in 1963.

The man in the middle

0712 Conversation RudyCrewRudy Crew takes on education reform.