June 2012

Teachers' helper

0612 Launch EdCaliberSoftware startup EdCaliber helps track students' learning.

Live, work, play: Charles Wilhoite

0612 LiveWorkPlay CharlesWilhoiteCharles Wilhoite joined Willamette Management Associates in 1990 as a senior associate analyst. Today he is the firm’s managing director and the national director of its health care practice.

Green for green's sake?

0612 InputGraph 01Business confidence that sustainable practices will attract new jobs, help with global competition or provide a competitive advantage has slipped over the past six years.

Beyond the buzzwords

0612 EditorLetterThe word green — and sustainable, its equally overexposed synonym — is used so frequently, so broadly and so indiscriminately, that it teeters on losing all meaning.

100 Best Green Companies to Work For in Oregon

0612 100BestGreenListThe fourth annual 100 Best Green Companies to Work For in Oregon honors those companies and organizations where employees feel there is a strong commitment to green practices at their workplace.